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Wedding Planner Advertisement Ideas & Strategies

by Chelsea Smith

The moment a newly engaged couple posts “she said yes” on Instagram; an opportunity is born. As a Wedding Planner, the time starts ticking before your potential customer puts down a deposit on a venue, photographer, caterer, and florist.  In that critical moment, there is a unique place for you to hop in and snag the new booking.  That’s where we come in.    In this article, we will express exactly how to capture and land new customers to elevate your Wedding Planner advertising.

Brides and grooms are relying on you to be organized, efficient, and on top of it.  They also expect you to know the ins and outs of their big-day-desires and to help the magic come to life when they say “I do.”  It’s important to have a streamlined process for engaging and communicating effectively with your new wedding clients so that you can deliver great work and receive stellar testimonials.  

In order to book your dream client with wedding planner advertising, you’ll need to:
  1. Play the Social Media Game
  2. Attain new leads
  3. Organize your contacts
  4. Quality your potential customers
  5. Streamline your sales process and book the gig
Let’s explore 5 ways you can book better weddings and excel your career as a Wedding Planner:

Play the Social Media game

There’s a good chance you are already tackling social media, but you may feel that your tactics are outdated and insufficient.  The only way to have a foolproof plan is to cover all of your bases when advertising your Wedding Planner business.
  1. Make a video introduction

Couples will be working with you on throwing a grand party, intended to be “the best day of their lives,” so first and foremost, you will want to make yourself known.  Show your face, your personality, and your quirks.  Making mini at-home videos is a great way to have shareable, personable content.

  1. Become a resource for brides and grooms online

Start a Pinterest and repost weddings that reflect your taste.  This is a great way to ensure that the newly engaged couples know that they will vibe with your style.   When eager brides go looking for wedding dresses, they may just stumble upon your pins or even your original content & online wedding planning resources.

  1. Post consistently on Instagram & Facebook

Radio silence is the best way to let people know you are no longer working, however, even posting once a week can increase your engagement, credibility, and stay in front of your audience.  Out of ideas?  Try these topics:

      • Your top 10 wedding money-savers
      • 5 new facts about you
      • Hilarious wedding stories 
      • Resources for choosing a great photographer
      • What to keep in your emergency bag for the day of the wedding

When you are at a coffee shop working on wedding details for an upcoming gig, post up a photo and tag the bride or groom.   Giving shoutouts is a great way to get reposted and shared onto other platforms and stories.


Attain new leads

You may have asked your peers how they get new clients and heard them reply “I’m 100% referral based.”  We have all heard this a time or two and scratched our heads.  Before you cringe, remember that when they first started, they likely had to build a solid foundation from the ground up as well.  There are more than a dozen ways to get leads and you can start by instilling a good framework for building your client base.
First, be readily available to accept new inquiries by making yourself look professional by using a great CRM.  
With Bloom, you can:
  • Embed your lead form onto your website
  • Place your unique form into your Instagram bio or swipe-up link
  • Have a pop-up chat bubble on your website
  • Streamline email communication from eager inquirers
Second, have an online portfolio of your past work.  If creating a large, expensive website seems daunting to you, it’s perfectly fine to have a simple portfolio to share your past weddings.  Set up your custom domain here.  
Third, create a network within the wedding community.  
You can easily:
    • Gather names, numbers, and IG handles while working a wedding
    • Ask other vendors to tag you in their work across their own Social Media
    • Launch freebies and giveaways
    • Ask old clients for referrals and send them an easy form to pass on


Organize your contacts

You are the master organizer.  You are the one that keeps track of everything the Bride might forget and the details the Groom won’t remember.  It’s only fitting that you, yourself have an excellent way to keep track of your business.  Make sure that you are collecting all the information you need to begin a great, long-standing client relationship that will bring happiness on the wedding day and bountiful referrals after the fact.  

Qualify your potential customers

You are past the days of low-budget backyard weddings and you are ready to play with the big dogs.   Since you won’t be taking any-old-wedding, you’ll need a great way of getting to know your potential customers.  With a unique lead capture form you can gather specific information about your next wedding gig, such as:
  • Guest Count
  • Colors & Theme (rustic, classic, country, or maybe even boho)
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Extracurricular hobbies
  • Referral Source
You can create easy-to-use forms and questionnaires within Bloom to learn everything you need to know about the bride and groom, and then keep that info in an accessible place for future reference.  Need help during your initial client engagement meetup? Here is an excellent New Meeting Checklist to get you to your next big signing.

Streamline your sales process & book the gig

To win over a newly engaged couple, you must first establish trust.   You need to show that you will handle their “big day” with care.  If you have your potential customers on the phone or in an in-person meeting, you are already 70% of the way there.  However, owning that last stretch is the key to booking the gig.  

Three easy ways to ensure you land the deal:

1. Write out a script

You don’t need to memorize lines, but knowing how you will handle potential objections is essential for turning their concerns into answered questions.  Your goal should be to stabilize their worries with security, trust, and faith that you are the person for the job.

2. Send an estimate on the spot

The days of uploading word documents to emails is long behind us.  You can use a full service CRM like Bloom to handle your estimates and invoicing for you in a clear, concise, and professional way.  With pre-made packages and templates, you can easily add services to your new wedding project right there in the meeting.  Need help?  Learn How to Send an Invoice with Bloom.

3. Automate essential emails

You never know when a great lead will fall in your lap.  The time may come that you are in the shower, at yoga, or even sleeping– but you still want to be prepared.  By leveraging email automations you can make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  With this feature, you can easily:

    • Send birthday greetings
    • Send reminders and touch base
    • Immediately send questionnaires once lead forms are completed
Booking your dream client is not impossible, but it takes a little bit of elbow grease to set yourself up for success.  If you can establish yourself as a seasoned vet on Social Media, create an easy way for people to find you and book a meeting with you, then nail the final meeting, you will be on your way to an incredibly successful career as a Wedding Planner.

Wedding Photography by Urban Bay Photography

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