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Five Wedding Inspiration Blogs We Love & Tips For Getting Published

by Kristina

Wedding blogs are often an engaged couple’s go-to resource for ideas, vendors, and inspiration. These sites are full of beautiful photography displaying real weddings, engagements, anniversaries, editorial styled shoots and more. The exposure and that a wedding photographer can get by being published on a wedding inspiration blog can often be worth the time and effort involved in submitting the photographs.

Photographers looking to have their wedding or styled shoot photographs published will find that there are countless wedding blogs out there. Some are specific to location or aesthetic while others encompass all things wedding related. We are sharing with you five blogs we love that accept submissions from photographers for publication. Read below for details on the type of photography they are looking for and how you can improve your chances of being selected. 

Style Me Pretty-Exclusive

Style Me Pretty

Photo by Marianne and Joe of Marianne Wilson Photography

SMP describes themselves as the Ultimate Wedding Blog and that is not an overstatement, with over 414k followers on Instagram and 910k hits to their site a month. Style Me Pretty is known for their focus on beautifully crafted details and gorgeous photography. SMP shares that they are open to a variety of photography styles, and the aesthetic leans towards the editorial. Here are some additional tips to getting your photography published on their site.

  • Curate: be selective in the photos you submit and resist the urge to send every photo from the shoot
  • Tell a story: you are a visual storyteller, convey the story of the day through the images you select
  • Detail Shots: SMP loves images of the happy couple and lots of shots focused on details-think the flowers, stationery, rings, etc
  • Color Story: SMP readers can search based on color, it is good idea to think of the color story of the images when organizing for submission
  • SMP prefers a higher percentage of vertical over horizontal images

Rock n Roll Bride-Exclusive

Photo by Claudia Rose Carter

Photo by Claudia Rose Carter

Rock n Roll Bride is an alternative to the traditional wedding inspiration blog. The story goes that the blogs creator, Kat, wasn’t satisfied with what she was seeing available when she was planning her own wedding. She was looking for inspiration that suited her uniqueness and personality. Rock n Roll Bride was thus created and is full of color, details, and personality. The keyword is personality as the blogs focus is to represent a couple’s uniqueness. Rock n Roll Bride primarily focuses on real weddings over styled shoots, but if the photos are stunning enough there is still a chance of being featured.

  • Color: the blog loves color
  • Unique and personal details: submit weddings that really reflect the personality of the couple
  • No selective color: this one is simple, Kat says never ever when it comes to selective color
  • Plenty of images of the couple: this blog also likes detail shots, but also wants to see photos of the happy couple

Wedding Sparrow-Non-exclusive

Photo by Kyle John

Photo by Kyle John

This blog is dedicated to fine art film photography. The fine art wedding photography genre is often confused with editorial or classic wedding photography. The distinction is that fine art wedding photography differs in the approach to the photography as well as the aesthetic of the photograph. Wedding Sparrow has grown quickly in just over one year and is currently the only wedding inspiration blog that features exclusively film photography. If you are a fine art film photographer, then Wedding Sparrow could be a great choice for a potential feature.

  • Quality: this goes for all blog submissions, and Wedding Sparrow is about featuring the best quality wedding photography
  • Light: the feel of the images veers towards light and airy
  • Pastel palette: Wedding Sparrow loves colored dresses and accessories and the tones of the photos tend towards pastel
  • Simple unadorned aesthetic: this how Wedding Sparrow describes their style
  • 20-50 images: depending on the event this the required number of images needed for submission

Utterly Engaged

Photo by Loren Routhier

Photo by Loren Routhier

The site and print publication recently underwent a makeover. The goal of Utterly Engaged is to inspire couples to create a meaningful wedding and married life. The photography on the site is full of light and airy images.

  • All styles: i.e. vintage or modern and everything else
  • Unique: think locations and venues that are a little different
  • Love: goes without saying, but the site and mag are looking to feature couples that are madly in love
  • Variety: accepts submissions of different of shoots including rehearsal dinners, proposals, elopements, weddings, styled shoots, etc
  • Distinct: think style, unique themes, and a great story


Photo by Jessica Scott Photography

Ruffled began in 2008 and was created Amanda Nistor. At the time, Amanda didn’t see many options that suited her and her vision of vintage inspired style. Amanda thus created Ruffled, a wedding inspired blog as a resource for a unique style that can be vintage or upcycled. There is even a resource on the blog to allow couples to ‘recycle’ their weddings. As it relates to photography the blogs is looking for images that will resonate with the readers drawn to this style.

  • Seasonal: this blog likes photos that highlight seasons and holidays 
  • Creative: sounds like a given but this site wants to feature creative weddings and shoots
  • Emphasis on vertical images
  • No watermarks
  • 65 images at a minimum

How To Submit

Each blog has different requirements for photos submitted. Please visit the specific blog you are interested in for photo size requirements and how they prefer to receive the images. Some sites like drop box while others have ways to upload the images. Keep in mind that you have a better chance of your photos being published if you follow directions. Exclusive blogs ask that your photos have not been published or are pending publication on another site. 

So what do you think? Have you submitted a wedding to be featured? Have any advice or questions? Respond in the comments below.

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