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Shhh! Get a sneak-peek at our upcoming features ?

by Paul

Our mission at Picr is simple: help you grow your creative business while enabling you to focus on your craft. Over the last year, we’ve developed dozens of new features to help make this goal a reality. Some features have been small, and some massive – all of them in response to the things you’ve told us you need most as a creative business owner.

As we look forward to summer, we are pleased to announce our newly updated roadmap, filled to the brim with exciting updates that begin to roll out this month.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming this Summer… 

Email Automation, expected June 18, 2018:

You’ll gain the ability to configure various automated emails such as reminders, follow up emails, marketing campaigns, and more.


Stripe Integration, expected June 19, 2018:

Support for utilizing Stripe merchant service for processing payments via Picr Platform.


Guest Check-Out Support, expected on Jun 21, 2018:

Support for sending invoices to clients and supporting invoice payments and contract signatures without them needing to create an account.


Square Merchant Service Support, expected on Jun 22, 2018:

Support for utilizing Square merchant service for processing payments via Picr Platform.

Estimates Feature, expected on Jul 5, 2018:

You’ll get the ability to create estimates and send them to potential clients, and convert them to projects when appropriate.

Instant Project Booking, expected July 18, 2018:

This robust feature will allow you to expand your lead capture form into a full-blown booking feature. Simply create packages and add-ons, establish your availability, and let your website visitors book you on the spot. Here is a sneak-preview of the feature mockup: https://marvelapp.com/2a6h3c5Instant_Booking_Feature_Mockup_1

Image Delivery Revamp, expected on Aug 3, 2018:

Digital image delivery is a critical component of any photography business. This release will expand our image delivery to include pin accessible galleries, proofing, and a series of other gallery related optimizations.

Accounting Integration, expected August 3, 2018:

Keeping track of the numbers is central to any successful business. Instead of improving on the powerful accounting software which many photographers already use, Picr will be building integrations so that all of your numbers would automatically show up in programs like Xero or Quickbooks.

Print Fulfillment, expected on Aug 31, 2018:

Your clients will be able to order prints directly from your delivered galleries for additional revenue for your business. We are planning to integrate with all major print fulfillment services.

To track the progress of these exciting new updates, simply click the roadmap icon in the bottom left corner of your portal, and you can see how close we are to releasing certain updates!

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