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Just launched: Embedded forms that work wonders.

by Paul Mikhaylenko

You have a website. That’s great. But does your website do what it’s supposed to do?

What is the #1 goal for your website?

Most freelancers treat their website as an online gallery that happens to have a link to the creator’s contact information. But this is completely backwards. Your website should sell your services. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong. It’s a storefront, not a museum.

Not only is it important to clearly state what you do and have engaging calls to action, but you need to give your prospects a low-friction journey to the next step. What is that next step? Is it capturing and qualifying the lead? Or do you intend to make the booking on the spot?

In both cases, we have created the best forms for freelancers and creatives. Here’s why.

1. Traditional forms are dead

When was the last time you purchased something online using a form like the one you expect your customers to use? The only time I see these forms is when I’m contacting a large manufacturer like Frigidaire because my refrigerator ice machine stopped working. Such a form gives little hope in hearing back soon and does not instill confidence in your brand. Now, there’s a better way.

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2.Picr forms are beautiful and get results

Before Picr, you would need to subscribe to a separate service for sending questionnaires, scheduling, offering packages, signing contracts, and processing payments. But now your entire client journey is seamless and frictionless. Embed them on your site, post a link on social media, and create unique forms for specialized campaigns (such as Christmas portraits).


These forms are designed specifically for the creatives who are selling their services online.


3. You can embed them as a button or as a direct frame.

Installing the forms is easy. Just copy and paste a script into your website builder. If you’re using a Picr website, the forms are organically built into your website.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.04.41 PM

4. Easily automate your replies

If you wanted to create an automated reply as soon as your form was filled out, this is easy to setup. Simply go to your automations and add an email, set it to be triggered by the lead form, and create an email template.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.11.50 PM

5. Sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Well, kind of. The easier you make it for your clients to book you, the more bookings you’ll have. Try these forms out today and take your online game to a new level!


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