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Did they see your message? Updates to: Messenger, Data Export, and Dashboard!

by David Talley

Have you ever wanted to know if a message you sent was seen by your client? How about exporting your transaction data for your financial records? Or, perhaps, sending proper attachments in Messenger emails?

We’re excited to announce a few new feature updates to Picr that will help you do this and much, much more! Here’s the skinny…

1. See if a client has read your email or chat message with the Seen/ Not Seen function!

This means you’ll never have to guess whether or not a client has seen your message, or if the message went through. With 100% total assurance of delivery, you’re able to move the sales cycle along and lead nurturing process faster and smoother than ever before, getting you one step closer to sealing the deal and converting the client.

2. Add attachments to chat and email messages within Picr

Need to send a pricing guide? How about a sample of your work? What about a “What to expect” attachment to prep your client for their shoot? Now, it can all be done within the Picr Messenger. Easily add attachments of any type to share with contacts, leads, and clients with the touch of a button.

3. See your business stats by week, month, and year accurately

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Revel in the ability to track your weekly, monthly, and yearly business progress by sorting the dashboards graph data with more accurate readouts pertinent to your selected time frame. Then plot to double, triple, and even quadruple it, if you’re up for the challenge. 😉

4. Export transaction, invoice, and contact data with 1 click

Need to export any data from Picr? How about transactions and invoices? Done. Contacts? Done. Just navigate to Settings > Exporting and you can easily download all 3 sets of data for your records with the touch of a button.


Ready to try these new updates? Log in to Picr now and try them out!

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