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How Bloom will help you live your freelancing dream, earn more money, and travel more.

by Paul

Think about your journey as a freelancer.

What is the quality of life you have a result? Is it really worth it? Is there true freedom or is it a mere illusion?

Filled with beautiful aspirations and true passion for a craft—after watching yet another Bob Proctor video and listening to a podcast by Tim Ferris—you decided to make the jump into the unknown.

In your imagination, there was a Kinkadian vision of bliss. You would work hard, develop a noble reputation, raise your prices, acquire high-end clients, and travel the world doing what you love.

But now it’s been almost 7 years, and you’re still worried about your finances, you’re not sure about the next quarter, facing a brand crisis, and even entertaining thoughts about leaving your freelancing dream altogether.

For various reasons, this is the narrative for most freelancers. Beautiful dreams and aspirations are crushed under the pressures of building and managing a solo-preneur business.

Are you truly living your freelancing dream? Did you know that stress is the cause of 60% of all human illness and disease? Are you aware of the long-term effects your stress will have on the quality of your life?

As the founders at Bloom, we believe that the freelancing dream is beautiful and worth pursuing. But not for its own sake. What starts as a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Bloom exists to ensure that freedom belongs to freelancing. Picr exists to empower freelancers to fully live their dream.

While Gary Vaynerchuk will suggest to work harder and eat more s**t, we believe that you should focus on working smarter and avoiding unnecessary s**t.

The reason you get overwhelmed and stressed is because you lose track of what’s going on. You have no awareness of your KPI’s (key performance indicators) and you start to panic because you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what to focus on or what is actually important. So you revert to the path of least resistance, such as answering an email or pursuing a dead lead. Instead of acting, you’re reacting.

How is Bloom changing this?

Bloom was designed to give freelancers a true all-in-one which would allow you to stay organized, reduce unnecessary work, and save money.

For example, when using Bloom, you can actually have a true dashboard which allows you to track your business funnel and measure the conversions: Website traffic –> Leads –> Bookings –> Earnings.


Or if you’re not sure what to do next, you can see all of your active projects and the next task for each one:

4.1 Projects (formatted2)

Or capture leads using the Bloom Messenger and manage them all in the same CRM workplace.


Not to mention how easy it is to setup and sign contracts, send invoices and estimates, deliver images, create automations, manage availability.

From Client Copy 4

As founders, we are committed to the vision of an all-in-one CRM that actually works. One that truly makes your life easier, helps you achieve your dreams, lets you focus on your craft, and of course, travel.


Yours truly,

Bloom Founders



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