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6 Photography Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

by Paul Mikhaylenko

In today’s highly competitive photography industry, standing out and attracting potential clients is essential for success. As a photographer, your artistic skills are undoubtedly crucial, but effective marketing strategies can play a pivotal role in growing your business. With good marketing, even average photographers can build great businesses. Conversely, with bad marketing, even the best photographers can struggle to sustain their careers.

In this article, we’ll explore six powerful marketing ideas tailored specifically for photographers, ensuring you can showcase your talent to the right audience and secure more bookings.

Create Effective Email Sequences

Most photography leads inquire with multiple studios.  During their decision process, you have a chance of beating out your competition by sending the right emails that connect with them, speak to their core values, and answer their questions.  A great CRM like Bloom has great lead management tools that allow you to automate these emails based on tags and triggers.  These give you the power to customize the emails that you send based on where they are in your workflow.

Pro Tip: Don’t feature sell! Avoid technical jargon and focus on connecting emotionally with your audience.  What do they actually value?  And how can you deliver on that value?

Use Same Day Slideshows for Event Marketing

Event marketing can be a game-changer for photographers, especially for those covering weddings, corporate events, or other special occasions. One innovative approach is offering same-day slideshows. During the event, select and edit a handful of the best shots, creating a captivating slideshow that highlights the most significant moments of the day. Display this slideshow at the venue on an iPad or on a projector, impressing the clients and guests with your swift and exceptional work. Such real-time showcases leave a lasting impact and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Pro Tip: To speed up your editing workflow, be sure to rate your photos in camera throughout the event.  Also, ensure you have a good set of Lightroom Presets to speed up your workflow and even consider AI Photo Editing.

Join Wedding and Photography Directories

For wedding photographers, joining reputable wedding and photography-specific directories can be an effective marketing tactic but not for the reasons you may think.  If you’re joining these directories with the expectation of generating highly targeted leads for your business, you may be disappointed.  Instead, their value is primarily in the following:

  • Awards – Many directories, such as Wedding Maps, offer awards and features that give you shareable, reputable accolades to tout on your website and social media. These can provide reassurance and “proof” that you are a credible, recognized photographer.  Think about it this way.  If a lead is considering two different studios, with everything else equal, would they be more likely to select the studio with a list of accolades and awards or the studio with none?
  • SEO – Targeted directory listings will also help improve your SEO, providing you with a link back to your website.  We’ll discuss more on SEO later in this article.

Pro Tip: Ensure your portfolio is professionally displayed on these directories with your best images and a compelling story in the profile.  By being part of well-curated directories, you increase your visibility and credibility, while allowing potential clients to find and choose you easily among a sea of competitors.

Niche SEO Marketing with LongTail Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for any online-based business, including photography. While it may be challenging to compete for broad keywords like “wedding photographer” or “portrait photographer,” you can excel by focusing on niche SEO with long-tail keywords. For example, “destination wedding photographer in [Your City]” or “family portrait photographer for outdoor sessions.” Long-tail keywords have lower competition and are more likely to attract potential clients actively looking for specialized services, improving your website’s ranking and organic traffic.

Pro Tip: Ask yourself what (else) your target client might search and then target those keywords.  For example, an engaged couple might also search for “the best engagement photography locations in [Your City]” or “Best Makeup Artists in [Your City].” Get creative and experiment!

Social Media Marketing

This one tip is an obvious one, but deserves an emphasis because of its importance.  Social media platforms have become indispensable for marketing in almost every industry, and photography is no exception. Create and maintain a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, showcasing your best work and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages promptly. Collaborate with influencers or other vendors in the wedding and events industry to expand your reach further.

Pro Tip: Stay up to date with the latest features, as the algorithms will often favor recent releases.  For example, try using Instagram Reels or adding a collaborator in Instagram and see if those receive more engagement than regular image posts.

Referral Marketing with Network Connections

Harness the power of referral marketing by leveraging your network connections. Satisfied clients can become your best advocates, recommending your services to their friends, family, and colleagues.  To make sure you’re maximizing your referrals, ensure you’re doing the following:

  • Providing images to clients quickly – Clients are more excited and more likely to share their images if they receive them promptly.  The buzz fades over time, along with their organic marketing potential.
  • Exceed Expectations – Think of small ways to make a big impact to exceed expectations.  The options are endless but might include things like bonus images, an unexpected slideshows, same day turnaround (as mentioned before), and more!

Additionally, cultivate relationships with fellow professionals in related fields, such as models, makeup artists, wedding planners, florists, or venue managers. A strong network can lead to mutually beneficial referrals and collaborations.  To make sure you’re maximizing your vendor referrals, consider the following:

  • Providing Images for Them – If a business was part of a shoot, whether it be a venue location, makeup artist, model, or other professional, send them relevant images to use in their marketing.
  • Tagging and Collaborating – Tagging fellow professionals and adding them as a collaborator in Instagram will also help you connect and stay top of mind.

If you make strong connections and find ways to benefit and recognize them, you will be more likely to be referred over the other photographer down the street.


In the dynamic world of photography, mastering marketing strategies is essential for photographers looking to grow their business and reach a wider audience. From event marketing with same-day slideshows to harnessing the power of social media and referral marketing, these ideas offer creative and effective ways to showcase your talent and attract potential clients. Remember, a combination of both artistic excellence and strategic promotion will set you on the path to long-term success in the photography industry. Embrace these marketing ideas and watch your photography business flourish.

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