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Photographer Portfolio Websites: Design Yours in 6 Easy Steps

by Chelsea Smith

We used to hand out business cards, but now we send over an online portfolio right on the spot.  Having a beautiful photographer portfolio website to showcase your work does not have to be complicated.  As a freelance photographer, you most likely want to spend your time shooting instead of spending endless hours trying to build out webpages on WordPress with little training.  All you really need are the basics.  

An online portfolio should do 2 things:
  1. Illustrate your work as an artist
  2. Provide an easy way to contact you 
With photography, your work is your brand.  You shouldn’t need 7 fonts and 15 landing pages to get your point across.  Quite frankly, overwhelming your potential customers with a complex and disjointed website can actually deter them from booking a session with you.  In this article, we will explore how to create a stand-out photographer portfolio website with Bloom.  We’ll also take some time to run through other great add-ons that will help make your customer’s online experience seamless.
photographer portfolio example

Step 1 : Organize Your Photos

With a constant influx of new RAW files, managing an external hard drive can get messy.  If you haven’t taken the time to go through your past projects and culled the best images, this will be your essential first task.  Try to look for images that have movement, balance, intimacy, emotion, negative space, and an interesting subject.  If you’re a portrait photographer, remember that the photos that are special to the customer (i.e. a great smile) may not be the best images for you to express the depth and breadth of your excellent work.  The people who are exploring your website will care more about color, tone, expression, and quality.  It’s important to showcase what you yourself think is your best work.

portfolio files

It is crucial that you present the type of work you’d like to attract more of.  This trick has become an industry standard for millions of successful photographers across the board.   For example, if you’d like to shoot more weddings but are still taking family photo sessions on the side– keep the babies and maternity photos off of your website and social media.  Eager brides and grooms will be searching for a Wedding Photographer who specializes in expressing love stories, not “all-in-one” photographers.  It’s kind of like looking for a general physician to do a heart transplant.  If you are looking for someone to ensure the best day of their lives is documented with care, they are most likely going to pick a specialist.  The riches are in the niches.  However, if you love shooting all over the map, Bloom has an option to insert a dropdown for different areas of expertise.
Need specific help booking more shoots? Here are 3 Easy Step to Help Get More Photography Clients in 2021. Once you’ve created a folder with your best 50 images, you are ready to take the next step.

Step 2 : Choose Your Template

In the last update of Squarespace, you may have recognized that the range of “editable functions” has actually shrunk.  Web developers are quickly realizing that the need for complicated websites is unnecessary for the typical needs of a small business.  With Bloom’s Online Portfolio, you get just what you need– a simple, professional website to showcase your photography work.
portfolio template examples

Step 3 : Create a Call to Action

Imagine you land on your perfect photographer’s site and then you don’t know where to go to take the next step — it would be frustrating and may be the reason your potential customers are moving on to the next site.  Using an effective CTA will help lead your prospects to take the next steps towards booking you.  Think about creating buttons that are bold, easy-to-find, and create a sense of urgency.
examples of a CTA
Photography portfolio example
Bloom makes it easy to zero in on your ideal CTA.  When visitors arrive on the website, potential clients will be ushered towards a form that collects the ideal information you’ll need to book your next session.

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example of website copy

Step 4 : Enter Details About Yourself & Your Business

Although you may have spectacular work, potential customers will want to read more about you, the process of booking/shooting, and your past accomplishments.  The goal is to educate & inspire your viewers to feel like you are the right person for the job.  Try to be honest, invoke emotion, and show your personality.  Bloom also has an easy place for customers to leave reviews.
business area map

Step 5 : Upload Your Images

Now you are ready for the fun part; displaying all the great work you have created.  You can create albums for various types of work or different sessions in Bloom’s easy online portfolio builder. Creating a visual online portfolio enhances the client experience and shows off your skills.

Step 6 : Create a Unique URL and Go Live

Once you’ve uploaded your images, entered your contact information, and nailed down a great CTA, your new photographer portfolio website will be ready to go.  You can also make your branding look more professional by adding a unique logo.
Bloom allows for your customers to contact you, message you, and instantly book sessions.

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Not only will you have a flawless website, you’ll also be able to deliver images through the client portal, manage your workflow, and set up email automations to stay in touch with your customers.  Learn About Email Automations and How They Work.

wedding photographer website
Using Bloom as a client relationship manager will help make it easier for you to manage your business from all angles.  By signing up for a 14-day free trial, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success by eliminating monotonous admin tasks while displaying a beautiful website portfolio for your customers. Here are 5 Business Management Apps You Cancel in 2021. 

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