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The Story Behind The Photograph

by Kristina

Asking a photographer to choose a favorite photograph is like asking a winemaker to pick a favorite wine or a parent to choose a favorite child. However, we all have photos that are meaningful to us. Photographers shared first hand what image was significant to them and the story behind the photograph.

Category: Architecture

Photographer: Mathilda Tennysdotter

What she had to say about this photo:

A photo that is very meaningful for me is this one of the stairs at The Getty Center. This photo seems to have opened other people’s eyes, and given many a new way to look at architecture and buildings, and that was exactly what I wanted to achieve with this type of photography. I really wanted people to see what I see in architecture: the shapes and lines that translate into a beautiful work of art. This photo was also one of the first I made in this style and coloring technique. With the positive response that this photo received, it became more and more important to me to keep develop my style for the type architecture photography I was doing.

The process of creating this photo took some time. I needed to go and scout the location and to see how the sun shapes and affects the lines and texture of the building. Since buildings are such large structures, I had to wait and see when the sun would give me the light I wanted, which can take anywhere from a few hours to the entire day. After that I had some post-production to do, I picked colors to enhance the shapes and to transform the architecture into something closer to an art piece. By changing the colors, I think it’s easier for people to see the art and not just the building that we are so used to. I used my Canon 5d Mark II with 24-70, 2.8 lens and for the post process, I always use Lightroom and some Photoshop to get the right colors.



Category: Wedding

Photographer: Alfredo Valentine

What he had to say about this photo: 

I was covering a wedding at the Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables, Florida. I hung the wedding dress in the window of the bridal suite while the bride was touching up her makeup. I was setting up my tripod because I like to light paint my dress photos when I have the time.
I was setting up to light paint when the flower girls ran to the window to look down since we were on an upper floor. I just thought this was a moment I had to capture. These innocent little girls didn’t understand the significance of their aunts wedding day and how much meaning it will have for them on their wedding day. The flower girls were unconcerned with the wedding dress or anything else going on throughout the day, they just wanted to play.


Category: Portraiture

Photographer: John Cornicello

What he had to say about this photo: The image is meaningful because it marked one of the changes in the Chair Series. I started the series with a self-portrait in a chair that my wife picked up in a garage sale. Here I built more of a set for the image, had a subject in an obvious costume, and went for more of a story-telling scene instead of a straight, come-as-you-are portrait, which is what I had been doing in the series. This image was lit with a 60″ Photek Softlighter on camera left for overall fill and a small strip light on camera right to light the subject’s face. Camera and lens, for those interested, was a Canon 5Diii and 70-200 f/4 IS lens at 70mm. The exposure was ISO 100 at f/9. Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom and additional background textures added in Adobe Photoshop.



What about you? Do you have a photo that you have taken that is significant to you? What is about the photo is meaningful to you? Respond below and tell us the story behind the photograph.

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