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4 Ways to Develop the Charisma Needed for Success

by Vitaliy Rizhkov

When someone describes a person as “charismatic,” they mean that the individual has an uncanny ability to attract others, gain their rapt attention, and convince them to gladly do whatever the charismatic person wants. Most of us view charisma as a trait present in a person from birth and believe that charismatic people differ qualitatively from everyone else. That’s simply not true. Anyone can develop charisma—it’s not something you’re born with.

Here is four ways you can develop charisma:

Create your unique image

Every generation demands different types of personalities. With today’s generation, to own an audience you don’t have to be one of the beautiful people, you just need something that attracts them. Take DJ Khaled, for example. Clearly this guy doesn’t rely solely on traditional good looks to get followers. He knows how to win his audience and has created an image that makes him noteworthy. He’s big and bold and sports a black beard. People love his unique image and presence.

Develop an image that helps you stand out from the crowd. Don’t go overboard with it—you want people to like you—but be distinct. 

Learn to communicate well

Some people buy low-performance cars and modify the outside without ever touching the engine and transmission. These cars look like they can go fast, but in fact, they can’t. Similarly, if you change your exterior image without doing some engine tuning, you won’t attract followers. You have to develop communications abilities.

If you look at most famous people, you’ll notice that they have an above average ability to communicate. They can talk to anyone and sell their idea or vision without force or manipulation. People just follow them and gladly do whatever they need.

Some employers still think that their employees will only do things only if forced to do so. That attitude changed a long time ago; today if you try to force an employee to do what you need, they’ll simply leave or produce poor results.

Learn to communicate in a way that inspires your followers to follow you or your employees to work hard for you. It’s the most effective way to get people to do what you need.

Provide your followers something they value

So if you have established your image to set you apart from others and you’ve learned how to communicate well with your followers (or employees), they will be sold on your ideas. That’s great, but it only works for a short while unless you provide them value. Think of it as an immutable law—they do something for you, and now you have to do something for them.

If you are a social media influencer, provide value by sharing some tips and tricks, run contests or do giveaways with your followers. Do something for their favorite charity. You get the idea. If you are a business leader, help your employees grow. Give them enough room and flexibility. Award stock options and constantly provide feedback on growth and company valuation.

Be reliable

Finally, a charismatic person must be reliable and trustworthy. You can’t afford to lie or fool your followers and employees. They will notice, and you won’t be able to regain their trust. Your followers and employees need to know that they can follow you and do what you say. They need to know that if you made a mistake, you will figure out how to fix it. If you are reliable, they will forgive you for it or even overlook many small issues and mistakes.

In my opinion, developing charisma in these ways sets you up for success. It’s one of the most critical traits of a true leader. I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. Do you have charisma? If so, does it help you obtain greater business and personal success? Did you have to work to develop it, or did it come naturally to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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