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How to maximize the chance of achieving any goal

by Vitaliy Rizhkov

Recently I wrote a blog on how to create 100 goals and how it is going to help you live better. Then I wrote about how not to procrastinate.

The hardest thing to achieve anything is to start. This is where most of us fail – those who create goals. Well, I should say that most of us fail at creating goals – but today I’m going to talk about those who create goals and never start.

You can Google and find many methods and systems people use to create and achieve goals. But most of them won’t work or will be too difficult or complicated.

How to achieve any goal

I would like to share with you a technique or algorithm I use personally. It’s simple:

You have to split your goal into small pieces. The pieces should be so small and easy to achieve – so you will fill a shame by not achieving them.

Example: Your goal is to lose 20 pounds. You should split this goal into three pieces.

To lose 20 pounds you need:
1. Start go to gym
2. Eat healthy food
3. Eat on time

Now it’s a little easier, but still very vague and you probably never going to achieve this goal.

Now you should take all three pieces and split each of them into another three parts:

1. Start go to GYM
a. Google and find one close to your home or work
b. Open a calendar and create a schedule for yourself when you will go and purchase a membership
c. Buy a membership

2. Eat healthy food
a. Create a list of what you currently eat
b. Remove all unhealthy stuff
c. Replace with healthy stuff

3. Eat on time
a. Figure out what’s your current schedule is
b. Google and find out what’s the best schedule
c. Integrate new schedule into your day

Now, if it still looks hard, you should go ahead and split each part into another three parts. Some big goals require lots of splitting, and it helps.

After you are done – create a list of all small chunks of your goal, set priorities (simply sort them by priority) and add it to your everyday schedule.

For example, I would start with simply searching for a location. Will add this task to my google calendar and allow 10 minutes to complete. One task a day. Start slow and then speed up.


In conclusion, the easiest way to start achieving any goal is to minimize the barrier. Split it to the point when it looks super simple and easy to achieve. Start now and slow – then speed up. Don’t try to overload yourself – you will burn out and never going to complete your goal.

I would love to hear your stories. What kind of techniques are you currently use? What do you think about my algorithm – try and let me know if it worked?

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