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When is it the right time to jump into to Picr?

by Paul Mikhaylenko

Here’s your predicament.

One rainy afternoon, as you were browsing the web and finishing a particularly delicious slice of leftover pizza, you stumbled upon a platform called Picr.

Driven by a feline instinct and an involuntary impulse, you decided to create an account and investigate the claims made on the pleasantly organized website.

After submitting some basic information, you were greeted by an inordinately beautiful portal, and after some clicking around, you began to grow a suspicion that something incredible was brewing here.




Like all good stories, once the stage is set, it’s time to build tension. Enter the realization, that Picr was a Beta product and some features were yet still missing.

Being unusually busy, you decided to place Picr on a mental shelf to await a more opportune time, which, deep down in your subconscious, you knew didn’t exist unless it is purposefully created.

And so it goes, unless the hero of this story (you) embarks on a critical mission (using Picr), the narrative will only escalate (Picr sending you emails) and the epic will end in a tragedy (your business missing out on Picr).

But seriously.

During the past six months, while Picr was in Beta, we carefully listened to the feedback of our early adopters and released a series of life-changing features. As a result, we are now pleased to announce that Picr is transitioning out of Beta will be officially launching on December 4th!

So does this mean it’s time to switch to using Picr?


Yes. Yes it does.

Ok, we get it, switching to a new system for managing your business is a big deal. You already have something that works (or does it?) and learning new habits is as exciting as carrying bags of concrete up and down the Empire State Building staircase.

Switching is risky, it takes time, and you don’t have time. But your business needs to be revamped and Picr is clearly your ticket. It’s like switching from a Minolta MN35Z to a professional grade DSLR. At first, the interface is intimidating and learning the new camera is exhausting. But as soon as you transition, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Here’s why the time is right to make the switch to Picr:

1. The platform is perfectly ready

Picr is not just a set of tools. Picr is a new method to manage and grow your business. After a rigorous Beta phase, the platform has been validated and polished to ensure stability and performance. Many photographers who completely transitioned have written us things like,

“You’re my heroes!”

“I think y’all are on to something amazing. An all in one platform is MUCH needed for the photography community.”

“You guys are doing awesome… From the community, we love you guys with our hearts for the simplicity you bring to our lives.”

“I didn’t know what my business needed until Picr. Now I can see the potential beyond what we have.”

The platform is more than ready and you are in good hands (even better than Allstate).

2. Every day you dither, someone else is gaining a competitive advantage

Anyone using Picr is equipped with the best tools in the industry to turn your website visitors into paying clients. Furthermore, Picr allows you to create an impressive brand and offer your clients a high-end experience. Starting  with your website, to your invoice, to your client portal and image delivery, everything is in one place and consistent with your brand. Your clients can log in on your website, easily chat with you, and receive an amazing experience. Be the first to harness this competitive advantage.

3. It’s the slow season

Instead of spending time drooling over new gear, invest your time in creating a good system for your business. Picr will help you bring all the loose ends of your busines together and move forward towards achieving your maximum potential. While it’s the slow season, use this opportunity to invest where it matters the most.

4. We’re going to run an amazing launch offer in a week

In case you were still on the fence, next week we will make your decision simple. As we officially launch the product (out of Beta), we will be running an insane offer which you simply cannot resist. It’ll only last 24 hours, so be sure to sign up now to recieve notifications and updates.

5. It’s really easy to switch

Don’t expect yourself to switch everything right away. That’s scary. Start with one sphere of your business and when you’re comfortable, move on to the next. For example, you can start by only adding your new projects to Picr. Take 2-3 projects, and add them to Picr. Once you get the feel for projects, try to doing the same with leads.

You can also start by using Picr to convert your online traffic into leads. Install the Picr widget or utilize a Picr website and watch the magic happen. Once you feel comfortable, you can start switching additional aspects of your business.

At a comfortable pace, you can easily switch your entire business within a few weeks. So… what do you say? Let’s do it?


PS: In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this fun video we made:

7 Steps to Start with Picr Video


*Cover photo by Jesper Stechmann

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