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We just made 2 incredible improvements to Picr! ?

by David Talley

Every week, we’re making Picr as smooth and efficient as possible. We just added some incredible improvements around image presentation on Picr websites and the creation of projects. Check them out below!

1. Image Presentation on Picr Websites

It’s now easier than EVER to customize image presentation on your Picr site. We added additional grids for your homepage images on the Minimalist template, and your homepage slideshow is now managed inside the Portfolio tab:

For your portfolio + client galleries, you can now configure the way the grid looks. You can also customize the text on your portfolio albums:

2. Project Creation Overhaul

We completely overhauled Project Creation! You can now add custom payment instructions, and have the ability to charge final payments automatically OR manually when the retainer is paid via credit card:

Other awesome improvements:

– If a message goes unread, a reminder email will be sent after 1 minute.

– Fixed bugs around messages not being sent for some users.

– Hotmail and Yahoo bugs fixed.

– We added PDF Invoice Download support (yay!)

– You can now export your contacts via CSV.

Ready to experience these amazing updates yourself? Log in to Picr and check out the updates!


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