3 NEW Picr features you can’t ignore 😯

David Talley by on February 16, 2018

We just released 3 NEW features that are going to make you really happy! Read below about our new website template, one-click Google Calendar integration, and… Facebook Pixel integration! (daaaaang!) 😮📈

1. New Template: “Nordic Air”

Imagine the scene: emerging from your cozy cabin nestled deep in the mountains of Norway… the sun is bright and shining, the air is crisp and clean, a warm cup of coffee in your hand.

 That’s exactly what the Nordic Air template feels like:

View a live sample here

2. One-Click Google Calendar Integration

Let’s be honest: we both know how much we rely on Google calendars to keep our insanely busy lives less cluttered. Now it’s easier than ever to integrate your Google Calendar with just a single click:

3. Facebook Pixel Code: Live

Facebook Pixel + Picr = 😍

 With our new Facebook Pixel Integration, anytime you run a Facebook Ad to your Picr website, you can easily track it’s progress and use the data to grow your business:

4. Other really neat updates that don’t like as good with gifs:

– All new projects automatically go into the active state and are assigned to a workflow

– You have the ability to change the Project Status from project details at any point

– Ability to set the Favicon for your website

– 4-5x speed improvements (woooosh!)

Ready to experience this magic yourself? Log in to Picr and check out the new features!

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