This Bloom is off the Vine

As of November 1st, 2012, Bloom Studio Inc. has ceased operations.  We’d like to thank all of you who accompanied us in our explorations of new forms of playful data-driven discovery. Planetary was downloaded onto over 2 million iPads and was hailed by users and critics alike as one of the most beautiful experiences to push graphic performance on their new devices.

We have been working with the ideas behind applications like Planetary and Biologic since long before we came together to form Bloom, and we will doubtlessly reapproach this space again in future manifestations of our work.  Seed-funded ventures are like essays striving for the culture-changing insight.  Who knows what our next iterations will bring?  I think we might have some ideas…   Follow the founders at @neb, @randometc, and @jandersen.

Practically Speaking

Sadly but predictably we need to turn off the servers that power our Biologic app, and its web-based sibling Fizz, so those apps will cease along with Bloom itself in the next few days. We don’t store much in the way of personal data but anything we do have will be deleted and the app permissions will be revoked.

We will keep Planetary available in the App Store for as long as we possibly can, and as individuals (with some help from our friends) we’ll be seeking a safe way to preserve it for future devices and platforms. Watch this space!


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