Planetary, Day 2

Our first iPad app Planetary launched yesterday and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. We had a great day responding to feedback and requests from our first users and watching the waves of positive responses roll in on Twitter and elsewhere. We’re both humbled and proud to be getting all this attention, especially on such a busy news day.

CNET kicked things off for us yesterday with an IM interview with Ben, a good insight into some of the thinking that’s gone into the app. Gizmodo granted us a coveted App of the Day badge with a lovely video review. We’ve also received welcome mainstream coverage from the New York Times, Time and Wired, specialist reportage from TUAW, AppAdvice and Creative Applications as well as reports from our three favorite visualization blogs Infosthetics, Flowing Data and

Our friends at Laughing Squid were among several blogs to use our introductory video from video. It takes a village to produce a video and we couldn’t have done it without Scott Schiller, Tomas Apodaca, Owen Granich-Young and Yoz Grahame. We had great fun making it so here it is again for those who haven’t had a chance to catch it yet:

The video is also a great opportunity to showcase the music of Zoë Keating. Robert is lucky enough to have collaborated with Zoë in live performances such as last year’s In The Trees from Zer01 San Jose. If you like what you hear in our video then be sure to try the full album.


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