Upcoming Bloom appearances: Web 2.0 Expo SF and Geeky by Nature NYC

On Tuesday (March 29th) I’ll be speaking at in San Francisco at Web 2.0 Expo. My talk is Data Visualization for Web Designers: You Already Know How to Do This, here’s the overview:

Today’s web developer is armed with a powerful suite of tools optimized for writing network-aware, data-driven, interactive graphical applications. Modern web browsers provide a powerful flexible programming language (Javascript), an expressive and elaborate styling system (CSS) and two robust, battle tested document models (HTML and SVG). In the rare cases these aren’t enough, new technologies like WebGL and Canvas can fill the gaps and old standbys like Flash haven’t gone anywhere. You know how to do this!

In this session we’ll:

  • take a look at the best examples of interactive, web-based data visualization and talk about how they work and what they achieve (and where they fail)
  • explore the tools, techniques and resources out there for today’s web developers and designers working with graphical presentations of data (e.g. Processing JS, Protovis, D3, Google Maps, etc.)
  • look to the future of data visualization online and what features new technologies like WebGL will offer that we haven’t seen before

On Friday (April 1st) Bloom’s Robert Hodgin is speaking in New York at Geeky by Nature. His talk is Practice Makes Perfect, So What Are You Practicing?, here’s the overview:

Six years ago, I created my first programmed magnetic repulsion effect. In the years that followed, I continued to fine tune and explore the phenomenon of electrostatic fields and gravitational forces.

I used the necessary equations for these invisible forces to create audio visualizations, natural simulations, and artistic interpretations. Everything fell into place as things tend to do when you are dealing with specific formula in controlled situations.

Recently, however, my fascination with these invisible forces has started to work its way into my day to day. I can’t close my eyes to sleep without seeing charged particles spreading out in the blackness. I can’t walk down a crowded sidewalk without thinking about how repulsive forces lead to collision avoidance. I can’t look at flowering tree without considering the complex mathematics and infinite iterations it would take to create such intense beauty and variety.

In my presentation, I will discuss these forces at greater length and show some implementations and unexpected uses.

If you’re at either event (or both!) please don’t hesitate to say hi and ask us more about Bloom!


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